Still performing.

It crosses my mind that i am still doing what i did in my youth entertaining only in a different way.  From the time i was five years old i sang and in my teens i joined a big band and became there lead singer but i was so nerves that i drank quite a lot and if i had  continued it would have got a lot worse.  But i got paid for my first gig not a lot of money but a lot more than i would have got for a weeks work in an office for just a couple of hours work.  I left and became a freelance artist performing for any band needing a singer, but i was stressed, i was still living under the pressure of a step mother that had already destroyed my ability to be a solo concert singer.  Still i didnt earn enough to get a decent place of my own and my confidence had been knocked side ways by her cruel comments.  A nerves breakdown led me to be sedated for  weeks i could not take anymore from her i became so depressed and my career was over.  But my poetry and painting continued and my writing,  i didnt care if it wasnt appreciated by every one else because it gave me satisfaction to put across my feelings and helped me over some tough times.  Like with what happens to any one that is bad when young it is always there and never goes away the evil leaves its mark but life goes on.

blogging101:alumni  still performing


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