Book addict.

I have an appointment with another good book, i get so excited about books that i read two at a time, there are so many i want to read.  I find myself going around cooking cleaning etc. and trying to read at the same time and if i can i just curl up in a chair and read, its heaven, its my escape i can get  lost in any world i fancy being in with a book .book addict

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8 thoughts on “Book addict.

    1. My name is- by angela marsons. I give books that are not voted tops a chance if they look as if they might be interesting so i can help promote them i think some good books get over looked for one reason or another.

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    1. Yes i guess your right about that. I am reading now- My name is by angela Marsons. I don’t go for the top selection of books i look through to see if there are books i like i can help to promote because i think there are good books that don’t get the promotion they should for tecnical reasons perhaps or some other.

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