Dabble with the devil.

I think it is possible that some people are lacking in the ability to see when they do wrong, it is known even that in prison a prisoner maybe introduced to the pain they have caused some one else and they have to be told about it to have any idea of what they have done.  My x husband would suddenly beat me up for what ever was in his mind and minutes after would say, “what’s the matter, do you wanna a cup of tea,”? 0f course there was some thing wrong but outwardly it did not show, he appeared normol all the rest of the time and nobody would have known and he was not prepared to do anything about it because he didn’t believe it.

There are people who dabble in evil i knew of two smart colledge boys, normol young men on appearance who played devil worship, going into it a big way sleeping in grave yards and calling up satan then one day the one killed his friend he said some thing made him do it, he couldn’t stop, he did not know why he did it, there was blood every where as he had stabbed him about twenty times in the flat they shared, it was a frenzied attack, the police removed every known kind of satanic thing in the place they lived, even a coffin.  Becoming involved in any kind of occult life can also cause depression.  It can change your way of thinking.

101 blogging:alumni  dabble with the devil

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