My home.

This morning Vibrant wrote the most beautiful version of his life as a child and it inspired me to write a bit about my childhood here in england.

I am giving away quite a lot about myself i guess but i was born in the middle of a world war my parents home was blown to pieces by german bombs and my father was killed, my mother went into a hostel and i was adopted by a middle class family.  My stepmother was horrible to me calling me nasty names and often telling me she didnt want me, my step father was hard working and always seemed to be at work but he was a good kind man a god loving man  and never thought of me as anything but his own daughter.  My home was a place i loved a quaint little lane at that time with fruit trees growing all the way along the road side, outside my bedroom window was a pear tree i could reach out and touch, there were only a few house’s semi detached and lovely people who showed respect for one another.  My step dad loved his garden and it was always well kept, a pleasure to be in with fruit trees, and vegetable patch, and flower garden and lovely lawns. Unfortunately my step mother was unstable so not dependable and my life was rocky, she blamed me for much of the things she was to blame for, at one point trying to give me away and would have succeeded had my step dad not told her they were finished if she did that and he sobbed over her effort to get rid of me and i don’t think he ever forgave her and they rarely spoke after that.

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7 thoughts on “My home.

  1. You really had a rough childhood, I believe that every child should live their childhood to the fullest, but life is cruel to many people. Why the adopt in the first place if they are not going to be loving parents?


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