Be kind.

Some people find it difficult to receive some thing from some one else and can be very hurtful especially if it is some thing they don’t appreciate.  Receiving some thing kindly is important to avoid hurting some one deeply.  I knew of an elderly lady that had spent hours making some clothes for a young woman’s baby even though she was not related to her, the girl was quite hostile to the old lady and snapped that she would not put her baby in anything but the best, she tossed the clothes on one side.  I felt disgusted at this girl and could only think of the love and the time the elderly woman had given wanting to please her, probably she felt lonly and just wanted some appreciation.  We should all show our gratitude for what we are given even when it is not what we want so as not to hurt some one elses feelings, i have been thought of as a fool because i have accepted stuff from people that nobody else ever would rather than offend or hurt some one elses kind.

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