Breath of life.

When i first tried meditation long ago i thought it was just one of those things that worked only for some.  I tried it alone i knew it was the best way for me, then if i had a bad night where i was stressed and restless and my brain would not rest and i thought i would go mad i gave it a go again.  It did help settle me resting my body and brain, i found myself able to set aside all the rubbish that filled me.  And many today have there heads full of rubbish stuff because we are made to feel guilty if we stop for a while to rest, we are made to feel that we should be doing some thing not just sitting around doing nothing, no time to stand and stare.  We chase the wind in life today little thought goes into things, so that we can live to regret a lot in later life.  Meditation can be a spiritual thing and it can help if we believe in some thing, infact  it is a sad life if you have nothing to believe in except all that you see and when that fails you have no place to turn.  People say is god a man or a woman Christ came in the shape of a man but god himself is a power neaither male nor female.  God looks into our hearts to see who we are this is why we should learn to accept others and look beyond the physical being. Beauty is some thing that will not last  and the more effort made to keep it can end up making us more ugly, we are like a rose beautiful when in bud and perfect, then the bud opens still perfect then it turns yellow and its petals fall and it dies life is like that.  We should not be chaseing the wind we should not be planning months ahead we should wake up and thank god for another day and meditation can help us do that.

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