I am fuming, when i bought my computor windows 8.1 at pc world i was talked into alsorts of cover i would need but i did not, ‘so fast i felt ambushed’, and i paid £80 for cover from Mcafee that i could have got free with my bt package, and every time it stops working  i end up having to hang on the phone for ages being passed from one to another and repeating myself a million times and all they want to do is flog me some more stuff cracking on it will improve things. Do they really think i am so dumb i will believe that when the one i have doesnt even work half the time and when i contact them they do nothing about it only want more money,. and i end up sorting things out myself and useing other security whilst they wait there every chance to try to flog me more, “over my dead body!”.   I did ok with a free security for at least two years before all this shit.  I did not want Mcafee in the first place but it was already on the computor so it was easy to top it up.

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6 thoughts on “Fuming.

      1. I don’t know if it’s neew, Jane – I hadn’t heard of it before, but my son is in charge of all the IT in his church so he’s up with the latest – which I’m not 😉 I use it and so far it seems OK. It’s slightly tricky to begin with – you have to download it, then you have to sign into it. Then you leave yourself signed in, and it gets on with things in the background. Apparently if you don’t sign in it keeps telling you to do so!


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