Nice morning.


I managed to get her picture on after a fight, she is a sweety and i love her to bits.

Today my dog decided she did not want to go the usual way and i gave her the lead she took me down a long dusty track that led to a farm but the view was amazing and uplifting, the amazing thing was that as we got closer to the farm track a little dog shot out wagging its tail and barking at us and it was a little Shih tzu,  “Did she know,” did my little girl know there was another shih tzu there i wonder.  The two of them ran along wagging there tails as though they knew one another, they ended rolling all over the place then a man came down the path wearing muddy boots and he laughed, “That is where you got to,” he said to the little dog he turned around and the little dog followed him looking back towards us now and then.  When we got home my sweety needed a bath and did a runner when she saw i was getting ready for it and i ended up chaseing her all over, she is fast asleep now bless her.  101 blogging: alumni


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