What is success.

Do we know when we have made it, “What do i mean,!” well how do we deal with success? some people brush it under the carpet and forget about it, they are modest about it, may not even mention it to any one atall, others will boast putting themselves in a much higher success rating than they really have.  I was brought up not to boast but every one does that today it seems to be the way of the world now it is even expected, but i still find it difficult i am embarrassed to boast.  It is exciting when we first see a poem we have written published and i have had a lot of poems published by Forward poetry and was a top winner in 2004, i have won a number of small poetry prizes too. I have self published a number of short story books on amazon but again i have rarely mentioned them to any one.  I suppose it makes a huge difference if you have some one to share your success with and i didnt, my successes were not appreciated by any one close to me so i knew there was no point boasting about them.   But anyway back to the original question, do we know when we are successful?  I don’t think we feel anything different after the initial uplift of the moment in question once its laid to rest we must keep up the success or get lost in the crowd one might say forever unless some one digs into the archives. 101 blogging: alumni    what is success


17 thoughts on “What is success.

  1. I can relate to not being appreciated by someone close. Most of the time they just don’t understand that success doesn’t mean the same output for all things. In this world full of all kinds of open ideas and stuff happening sometimes there is a chance you do not get the kind of appreciation you deserve that’s when you need to speak for yourself, mostly it’s turned to boasting because empty people do that brilliantly than people with real content that’s when you need to really put word about you out there not for yourself but people who are actually looking for that content and really deserve knowing such beautiful honest personalities as you yourself!!

    Awesome Post!!

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  2. Well done Jane, really pleased to hear of your success! It’s true that some people with big egos boast whereas others who are humble don’t say a word, and you only find out by accident that they have done amazing things. I really don’t think there is such a thing as ‘success’ – what people think is ‘successful’ today won’t be successful tomorrow. We just need to get on with life using the gifts we have as best we can xx

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      1. If you go into my blog there is a link there, several infact,. good luck. But i understand because i am still having problems with emails that wont work and pictures i cant transfer Scream! Scream!

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  3. I’m sorry that your family and friends didn’t appreciate your success. Maybe they don’t share your passion for writing. For some people success is defined by how much money you earn.


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