More rain.

Thank you to Cathy and Vibrant and Sandeep for joining my books blog it helps  spur things on a bit.

It is raining heavy here today clouds are heavy and grey and i have a bowls match to play, must be mad.  Time i went on a spending spree around the shops it seems ages since i bought myself some thing nice, “well a few weeks is a long time”, ha!  what else is there to do in this darn weather but cheer ones self up shopping and there is a new fashion shop opened not far away i rather like the look of some of the stuff in there.

I am still warming up after taking the dog for a walk this morning the fields had pools of water it must have rained all night, the path that usually drys well was like a brook, water was wooshing down, good job i had my wellys on,   See you later.

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More rain.


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