The real world.

I have now been writing on the web for fifteen years and any one who as not experienced spam or some one cleverly causeing some disruption or other or being plain nasty in that time is very lucky indeed.   I find some smart people who are so naive about the kind of things that go on.

I know of people who have all the equipment to do nothing else (any one that way inclined can buy it) but cause problems for others on the net it is there full time occupation, they are not interested in anything else, the web is a spy hole and a game to them and any link they will join to spy on for there own ends.   Don’t make the mistake of thinking these people are obvious about what they do, they are not, they are clever.

I have had pictures from my phone i put on my computor and i notice every time only personal photos like my holiday ones and my dog etc. go missing all the rest show up, i have searched every where to find them, pictures, photos, cloud, they are nowhere to be found, this as been going on for a while now so i am suspicious as to why this happens, naturally.  It does no harm to open your mind to what goes on in the real world.

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