Do you know it all.

Do you know all that is on your computor in your program files, your pictures, your documents every place on your computor?.  0r is your computor like a dusty untidy house where you can’t find anything and its all a mess and anything nasty can hide away and you would never know.  Do you understand what every app is for and about on your computor or is there some strange ones you do not remember putting there?  Are there things you can not get your head around on the computor try as you may, have things come in on downloads that you didnt want and dont know what they are and they wont go even though you have deleted them.  Do we know what we have and is it best after a period of time to get rid of an old computor and buy a new one they are like a cupboard full of rubbish with stuff we dont want and no longer have use for and it wont all go away whatever we do.

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5 thoughts on “Do you know it all.

  1. I’m always finding things on my laptop I didn’t know were there and I’m sure I didn’t put them there! I don’t understand the system, that’s the problem, so things save themselves in places I don’t even know exist! I’ve just been having a clean-up of my email accounts. The trouble is, if I delete something, sure as eggs is eggs I will then find I need it!!!! 😦


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