What a laugh.

Well i sneaked of to Windermere Lake for a couple of days it was wonderful i have some photos i took with my phone but can not count on them going where i want them to on this windows 10 so they are staying there at least for now.  We went on a boat trip and trip i did getting out of the boat i was holding my dog and she is quite heavy, over weight because she is spoilt, and when i got to the top of the steps getting out of the boat i was top heavy with her weight and landed on top of the woman in front of me i wasn’t laughing until i got home, it was, “So sorry, 0h i am so sorry, are you alright,” but when i got home and swollowed the awful embarrassment of it all i laughed so much,  i said to my hubby, “what if i had landed on the other side of the boat in the water and took her with me,” we howled with laughter.   Just before we left we watched a group of china’s  teenagers trying to get a boat out into the lake they constantly landed back the wrong way banging into other boats smilling with embarassment at knowing we were watching, in the end time was up and they had not been any where not even left the side of the lake.  We were lucky the weather was perfect sunny and warm but not hot, suited us fine.  We ended up happily knackered.

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