It is common and understandable i suppose that  many people do not believe in god.  To believe truly in god we have to give ourself to god first and foremost and many will not let go of the power they think they have  and the freedom they have.  When god does not answer a prayer the first time they say he doesnt care, he does not exist, would you be willing to welcome in and help some one right away that had rejected you and did not talk to you or want to know you, well its the same with god.

0nce i made up my mind it was all over for me i had lost everything and i went to Church because i had no other place to go hymns were sang and i stood wondering what the hell i was doing there i didnt believe in anything i was ready to finish this crap life once and for all.  I told god in a whisper that it was over a voice replied a voice like thunder and no it was not anything like anything on earth, i felt peace and glowing i was happy it was the most wonderful feeling i ever had in my life, i walked out of that church like i was walking on air but told nobody because i knew nobody would believe me.

Nothing had changed except me i was leaving with hope in my heart for the future i was not alone as i thought.  Some pessimist will say it was an hallucination or it was a change in the brain, but i know it was not i had given up after fighting a long battle and lost everything, i had nobody and nothing but now i had hope.  People rely a lot on other people specially family but i didnt have any family who wanted me so i turned to god i found him and when i still feel alone i remind myself i have the best friend of all.  blogging 101:alumni


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