Suspicious minds.


Why are microsoft giving us windows 10 now do you ever wonder?   And yes it is a brilliant idea giving fingerprints and photos so our computor can reckonize us instead of passwords but if they can be copied  its not such a great idea as we once thought, lots of people i find like me are losing lots of stuff on windows 10 and finding it hard to relocate stuff, transfering stuff from place to place is near impossible, i still can not find pictures i have transfered to my computor and i am not the only one. blogging 101 : alumni


9 thoughts on “Suspicious minds.

  1. It’s so difficult to hang on to any privacy. I have done everything I can to stop being tracked and not to store personal info on my computer … but then I find it popping up in unexpected places and it’s very annoying! I think Google is particularly bad, which is why I don’t use it. It’s taking me some time to find my way around Windows 10 too …


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