I love technology and if i was much younger i would go in to it as much as ever i could, i did not even know that i was that way inclined until one day i went out and bought a computor in the year 2000 i had never even seen a computor work before in my life, computors were not the thing in my day.  But i learned the hard way and i made many silly mistakes i broke all the rules pressing everything to find out what it was and what it did probably set up everything wrong, it was an experiment a very exciting one and i didnt really care that i was making a mess of it because i was doing some thing exciting and it was some thing my generation  stumbled over even having a go at, i was learning as i stumbled until i was a dab hand you might say at some things, i went on to set up everything myself and sorted out problems those who were trained to know could not do, and because i did it myself i got great satisfaction from it and could not wait for the next challenge.

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7 thoughts on “Exciting.

  1. My son actually bought my first computer for me. I had used them in school. I taught young grade schoolers to use them.
    I barely knew how myself.
    In In 2001 Bobby bought his first computer. He had just moved out and was on his own. While visiting him one day, I sat down at his desk top and started playing with it. Very carefully. I remember him laughing. He brought me one the following week. I cried.
    It was even nicer than the one he had.
    My niece has it now. Amazingly, It works well. We have updated it and added to it…I love desktops for that reason.
    Thank for the memories.


    1. I think america had computors long before the Uk infact still many people are afraid of them and are missing out specially the older generation because the computor can be of help to them once they get the hang of it.


  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I too, wish I was born today – with a computer (or iPhone) in my hands. I watch my nephew of 6 years old and he finds his way around an iPad way better than I do! And I just feel I can never catch up now… Maybe next life…


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