Not happy today.

I am starting to hate windows 10 i put pictures from my phone on here they show up and i find no where i can put save in and then they vanish never to be seen again.  I would have loved to put a picture of my little dog on my blog post yesterday but i couldnt  find the pictures.  It is  complicated and without reason, it used to be that you connected your phone to your computor and up came the pictures on the screen and you saved what you wanted to keep, it was easy to put them where ever you wished.  Now  i cant even find half of my pictures, i did have cloud and cancelled it but since windows 10 took over it appears it might be snitching my stuff again as before and i never see it again, some i delete and it comes back in photos on the screen and i cant locate it  other stuff i want i find gone, and if ive ever looked in the cloud its not there eaither, i like windows 10 but i find this ridiculous its as though some one is taking personal pictures for some reason from my computor and i dont like it.


8 thoughts on “Not happy today.

      1. My son’s been to stay and downloaded Windows 10 for me – it took a whole day and was very complicated – glad I didn’t try to do it myself! I’m very impressed that you managed it although you’re right, it does take a bit of getting used to. I miss the ‘all programmes’ facility 😦


      2. Windows 7 was so easy in compared to this i downloaded it in a couple of hours the hard part was adjusting things and getting used to the order of things i still struggle its more complicated and i am not for

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  1. Glad to see someone posting about the adventures in widows 10 with their blog! I am waiting to see what others say before upgrading. I have windows 7 under control so just waiting. Yesterday I had to use the sd card even in win 7 to get the pictures off camera phone so that is a good idea.


    1. It is not as straight forward as i would like i was on windows 8.1 and just mastered it when i downloaded windows 10 i didnt think it could be anymore difficult than windows 8 but there are a lot of changes they maybe good but its having to learn all over again where i had got things sorted.


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