Not all money and fun.

Is any one else like me i can lie in bed and write amazing poetry in my head and when i come to write it down its gone and i struggle to put it together.  Why does there have to be a hitch with every thing, i used to sing with bands as a young person even got paid for it right from the start and i loved it but nerves got the better of me and i needed to drink to calm myself down and i was on a dodgy road so i had to stop. So often i hear people saying that Amy Winehouse and the likes deserve all they get when they take drugs it comes from people who have never had that pressure to be out there in the public eye all the time, not every one with talent can handle it, i believe Amy dealt with her inner self with drugs it helped her through, she belonged to the public and not herself anymore and perform she felt she had to do.  0ne thing i never wanted was to belong to any one but myself, when you become a well known performer you belong to the public and your manager it is not a glittery road of fame and fortune its a hard road where you have little time to enjoy the glitter and the wealth and you spend little time in the big houses you own.

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