Mental torment.

When you are young and you can not see a place or person you can turn to for help for guidance, escape, relief from pressure, life is hard.  I am sure there are many kids like me out there even today that struggle and feel alone.  I was brought up with a step mother who hated me, on School days when it was cooking class she kept me short of the stuff i needed causeing me humiliation and not because she was short of money.   If i protested about some thing she shut me outside, on one acashion in the pouring rain, she shut my fingers in a door and broke them and did nothing about it i wrapped some thing around them to stop the painful jolt when they moved there was no School then for six weeks so nobody got to notice that i could not use my hand, she called me horrible names, if any one gave me anything she took it from me.   She frequently told me she did not want me and if it was not for her i would be in the street and some times i thought i would be better of there.   I was always hungry  she limitted what i was allowed to eat which was very little.   We should not think that this generation of kids have it all because they want everything many are not loved and many have step fathers and mothers who care little for them.  This is a small part of a long story of my life of pain but i have learned a lot about a lot of things.  We here all the time about kids being sexually abused and its dispicable horrible but some kids like me get mental abuse and many people never experience the horrors of it.  I was dumped by my own family and still today they don’t want to know of me, when i found one of them he told me i don’t exist.   I don’t write with wanting sympathy  i don’t need it i have come through all this and i am on top of it but if it helps to make such people feel bad about what they do to others i will continue to speak out.  blogging 101


4 thoughts on “Mental torment.

  1. In many ways now i think i am blessed even amazed that i am the age i am and have survived it all that in itself i think is some thing to be glad for. Each and every day i surprise myself that i can do so much i was told i was useless and would never come to anything and i have prooved otherwise in many ways even if i don’t feel i get the thanks and support for what i do that i deserve. 0f course the hurt is deep and will never go away but my faith is well established through it all and never shaken i know i have some thing many don’t in that alone.

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