Some holiday that was.

Some people are so deep that we never really know them we can be shocked at how devious some people can be some hide behind make up and hair and fancy clothes, nothing wrong with make up and fancy clothes in themselves as long as we are being honist about ourselves and who we are.  A couple of years ago i went on holiday with a woman i had not known very long there was a group of us but i was to share a room with this woman who was always boasting about how well educated she was so much better than so many other people among us she said, she held her head high and behaved like a lady when out.  Then on holiday i found she had bad habits some disgusting ones i would not dare to mention but she drank  alcohol all day in various forms then at night she drank half a bottle of neat whisky before falling into bed and snoring all night so loud i couldnt sleep for the noise, she put all her stuff over my side of the bed so that she had space on her own side and my side was cluttered, she farted like a dirty old man.  In bed she wore a dressing gown that barely fit she had from a charity shop she proudly announced thinking it was a bargain.  She thought nothing of taking the dressing gown of and standing facing me naked showing a not very pleasant looking body infact i might say it was yuk! never would i share with somebody like that again. blogging 101 holidays.


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