Crazy world. blogging 101.

In shops when we buy shampoo we will find it for blonde hair, for dark hair, for thin hair, thick hair, dry hair, greasy hair and can stand all day long if we like trying to decide which one will suit us.  With everything there is a decision to be made these days  because there is so much stuff on the market to choose from.  And we must have the gel for the hair do we need it no but think we  need it, we don,t look right without it.  0ur bathroom is full of stuff we don,t really need we have been fooled into thinking we need so many things that we don,t.  Then we must have the mobile phone stuck in our ear every where we go talking stupid talk like, “Yes i am walking down the street now,”  “I am in the supermarket now,”  we need a phone to tell somebody that?, no we don,t but we think we do, we can not really offord this thing its running away with our money we never have a minutes peace for the stupid thing but we have to have it and it must be the latest available one. huh!

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