Messing about.

I welcome any one to my blog but i don,t want trouble makers.  A couple of days ago i received a message here from some one i have known years on but not heard from for a long time, i was dubious about it so i looked in my friends blogs to see if she had visted there and left a message as i would expect and when i saw she had not i guessed some thing was amiss.  I was surprised when i received a message from her and delighted but could not find any blog site for her here, i found her again on facebook and she said she had not sent any message to my wordpress blog but some one did in her name.  I have cancelled the connection to facebook because i think the trouble came from there. I prefer to have just a few people i already know quite well than have that childish messing about  i have had before on facebook.


7 thoughts on “Messing about.

  1. That’s the trouble with social media! It’s also the reason I don’t have a gmail account any longer – it connects you infinitely to goodness knows what else out there. Like you, I think it’s important to maintain a bit of control.


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