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What is it that makes people so edgy if some one says they believe in god almost as soon after some one will say we are thrusting it upon everybody or suggest that we are going to which i certainly am not, i dont care if somebody else believes or not its there life and there choice.   Surely if your going to push some thing atall pushing god is better than repeatedly telling the world you dont believe in god what hope is there for a lost soul with telling them there is no god.  My experience is that there is more pushy  people with no belief than there is with a belief and i dont mind saying i get sick of people repeatedly announcing there lack of belief when its of little or no use to anybody.

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It is common and understandable i suppose that  many people do not believe in god.  To believe truly in god we have to give ourself to god first and foremost and many will not let go of the power they think they have  and the freedom they have.  When god does not answer a prayer the first time they say he doesnt care, he does not exist, would you be willing to welcome in and help some one right away that had rejected you and did not talk to you or want to know you, well its the same with god.

0nce i made up my mind it was all over for me i had lost everything and i went to Church because i had no other place to go hymns were sang and i stood wondering what the hell i was doing there i didnt believe in anything i was ready to finish this crap life once and for all.  I told god in a whisper that it was over a voice replied a voice like thunder and no it was not anything like anything on earth, i felt peace and glowing i was happy it was the most wonderful feeling i ever had in my life, i walked out of that church like i was walking on air but told nobody because i knew nobody would believe me.

Nothing had changed except me i was leaving with hope in my heart for the future i was not alone as i thought.  Some pessimist will say it was an hallucination or it was a change in the brain, but i know it was not i had given up after fighting a long battle and lost everything, i had nobody and nothing but now i had hope.  People rely a lot on other people specially family but i didnt have any family who wanted me so i turned to god i found him and when i still feel alone i remind myself i have the best friend of all.  blogging 101:alumni

Suspicious minds.


Why are microsoft giving us windows 10 now do you ever wonder?   And yes it is a brilliant idea giving fingerprints and photos so our computor can reckonize us instead of passwords but if they can be copied  its not such a great idea as we once thought, lots of people i find like me are losing lots of stuff on windows 10 and finding it hard to relocate stuff, transfering stuff from place to place is near impossible, i still can not find pictures i have transfered to my computor and i am not the only one. blogging 101 : alumni

Its good.


This is an excellent way to show of some of my paintings and drawings and have a good old rant as well.  I enjoy painting but i don’t take hours about it and be too precise its more doodling with a brush in hand, oh and i am not an x art student eaither i do it for fun i have never really had an art lesson in my life.  Every now and then i throw myself into poetry writing too i have won prizes small ones over the years then one fair size one a few years ago but i rarely enter competitions and i have times when i feel a passion to write poetry then i might go weeks even months when i dont but the painting goes on and the writing.

Joy in our hearts.

love crazy art.

I do believe if we die with a wicked mind about the world and anything in it and we see nothing but poison in everything and take all we can and give nothing we die miserable.  And if we see beauty in the world we love and forgive share and do the right thing we will die with joy in our hearts even if we are in pain.

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I love technology and if i was much younger i would go in to it as much as ever i could, i did not even know that i was that way inclined until one day i went out and bought a computor in the year 2000 i had never even seen a computor work before in my life, computors were not the thing in my day.  But i learned the hard way and i made many silly mistakes i broke all the rules pressing everything to find out what it was and what it did probably set up everything wrong, it was an experiment a very exciting one and i didnt really care that i was making a mess of it because i was doing some thing exciting and it was some thing my generation  stumbled over even having a go at, i was learning as i stumbled until i was a dab hand you might say at some things, i went on to set up everything myself and sorted out problems those who were trained to know could not do, and because i did it myself i got great satisfaction from it and could not wait for the next challenge.

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redwine.. Have just started reading a book about the DNA of a pharoe being taken from the mummified body, yes its fantasy but the idea is to clone him as though they believe he will live again and of course he wont.  like the woman who had her dog cloned because she was afraid of losing him but the dogs personality was different he looked exactly the same but he wasnt.  Likeness is all, i doubt if they will ever be able to take the DNA of the soul or the spirit of some one, every single soul is different and created by some thing greater than man. Evolution does not answer all the questions. blogging 101: alumni.

Wicked minds.

redwine..Some one once said you can not trust  any word in the bible and there is no god so i said to him but you trust anything any one else tells you.  The same man had boasted on the net that mother Theresa was a thief and took all the money given for herself.  He trusted evil things said about a good woman but he could not believe what the bible said.


redwine..I was interested in some thing that Vibrant said about drinking a lot of water i have a damaged kidney and i can sweat buckets even in winter  like some one as poured a bucket of water over my head.  I am told all the time that i don’t drink enough but i think i do i have to get up for a pee two or three times in a night and it is weary stuff.  Can some one drink too much and is our water good to drink there are chemicals in tap water and lots of sodium in bottle water?