The swallows visit.

We had a row a flare up me and hubby all about some thing that seems silly now but that evening i sat and looked out at the woodland trees outside my home the door wide open it was warm and sunny.  I had never imagined us not being together until the end until now and right at this time i didn,t care.  Then some thing flew in through the open door it went round the light on the ceiling twice and flew out again, it was a swallow, i had let out a bit of a scream the room is quite small and the bird flew at speed and scared me, it flew back through the door as though it knew exactly where it had come to and where it was going.  I got up and looked as it joined a group of other swallows disapearing over the trees and away.  I felt this had to mean some thing maybe it meant i was going to travel to those far of places i long to see, one day.


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