Yesterday I deleted this blog I felt it had its day and I was looking to start again which is a big job when you have worked on a blog so long as I have to set up again takes time. I thought I would take a look and it was still there or should I say still here. I was sort of pleased about it still being here and felt a sort of sadness about ending it at the time for some reason. Maybe someone else does not want me to stop writing this blog for their own reasons like that they can put what i write out there better than I can because I am not trying too hard maybe judging by what I have seen they have gained much from my words. Am I giving away something maybe I am.

Loyal or Traitor.

What ever you do in this life will catch you out whoever you are sooner or later and sadly what went before you were even born can also catch you up one day.  How we handle every situation matters a lot as to wether we add to it all and make it worse or make it better. We never really know our parants they had a life before we existed it might be a life we might be shocked or surprised by impressed or disappointed with, we might not like what we find but most of us don’t bother to find out we only know what we know about them and that is enough. Most people are not traitors to there own family who ever or whatever might have been  they are loyal to what is there and appreciate it and ask for nothing more they don’t betray there own if they do they will do it to anybody..



A beauty such a lovely site. Whilst staying for a few days in the Welsh hills in a caravan this is what we saw quietly sitting inside young deer came out to take a look at us. We saw a large snake in the woodland and hares leaping across the fields, bats came out at night following us up the field when walking the dog swooping down on us.


We hear of kids that copy in School but I have never heard of any one else doing it seems pointless because you can get unstuck when your expected to know some thing you do not know. But I have come across blog sites where some one copy’s stuff and its not the stuff where we are told to copy onto our page if we wish but snatched from some ones blog onto there’s without permission and they use what they snitch, the mind boggles at the dodges some pull rather than use there own brains they pick some one else’s and use it to there own benefit.

Getting it wrong.

Whatever I do is wrong some dont want it any other way but I don’t think this is my problem, I think the issue is with them. They seek somebody to blame and find an easy target like me with no intention of  listing to the truth and only seeing one side of things there own. They call it narrow mindedness and I can not help thinking lack of intelligent’s when you are limited to your vision of things, and selfishness.  For a start wishing somebody else dead is a dodgy thing to do any one with brains would say that could rebound on themselves but they don’t think of that. They have an ego that makes them think they are too smart and can get away with anything


It is embarrassing when you have a grown woman screaming and yelling at you on the web or wanting you dead.  This is not a story it is the truth. I was twenty years old and married a young man successfully running his own business, he loved shooting, sailing, motor racing and the likes.  He was staying out half the night at night clubs  and I left him to find soon after I was pregnant, I told him and he told me get rid of it. I could not find any place to live not even a council flat so I found a lovely family with prospects to take her they insisted on adoption and it was that or a lot of upset moving her, so I agreed. Her father wanted me back but no child he did not even want to see her it hurt me a lot. I asked for a divorce he told me I could wait five years which I did. I am blamed for all that happened she hates the truth of the situation but that’s how it was I hated it too but my feelings don’t count.  My own life and my mothers was harder ten times harder than hers but she is so full of hate and so vindictive she hits out all the time making an embarrassing show of herself and she is not a child.

Blog it.

I write and some times receive a fair amount of likes and comments that do not show on my blog site and I don’t know how this comes about. But a while ago some one sent me a message to say that some one was taking what I write and placing it on there own blog. I do know that posts have gone missing before my eyes on facebook so I think it is possibly true but I don’t know who does it or what blog it is.  I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for some one who as to steal some thing from some one else’s blog it shows they can not rely on there own ability to think of some thing to write about that is original so even if they have some success with stealing from me they wont get far with no imagination of there own or will they continue stealing from somebody else.


Just recently I received a letter from a friend I have not heard from for ages so it was unexpected. She spoke of her new flat and having a woman in the flat above she did not like very much. That in itself struck me as strange the previous time she wrote she had just moved to a house not a flat with a lovely garden and was very happy with it, now in about a month she was back in a flat.  This time she had also sent me a mobile number asking I let her know that I am 0k because she had not heard from me.  I sent a text right away  saying I had written to her and i was well, two days went by and the phone rang there was nobody answered and the database showed no number and no name for the call.

Face it.

Have you ever met people who turn a blind eye to your success and draw attention right away to things you get wrong, I certainly have. They pretend not to see anything you do well then as soon as you make a mistake they will draw attention to it. They want to trash you and all you do they enjoy it, it makes them feel better about what they want to believe . These people will never see the other side of the coin so to speak, they will have a narrow view of things and see only one side of things the side they want to see, they will blame you for things that are not your fault because it makes them feel better,  they believe whatever they choose to believe right or wrong. They can hurt you but you can not tell them the truth because it hurts and they will not believe it even if they push for the truth they do not want to hear it. They laugh at you and scorn you and  they lie to themselves.  And I can not help wondering what they will do when the day comes that they have to face the truth.

Alone am I.

I would prefer to be alone for the rest of my life than have to change to please somebody else. Some people think titles and wealth are what makes a person and I have seen the rags to riches and riches to rags tale for real and I know how easy it is to become one or the other over night due to circumstances changing. People who value that kind of thing will hop from one person to the other as soon as some one as some bad luck,who needs em they are all show ?.